You MUST keep the turntable close to the preamp ! No more than a foot or two away. And with SHORT cables- coiling them up is NOT good! This applies to the Archeophone too ! ( I know you have one, which is why I mentioned this)

Anything else will be fatal to the signal .

It doesn't matter what you use - the low level of signal that a cartridge 
generates requires a high level of preamplification which requires a preamp of very high gain. This gain makes hum a very easy thing to pick up.

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>Kurt Nauck:
> > We are doing some re-arranging of our studio here at
> > the shop.  We're encountering hum from the audio
> > cables being in proximity of power cables and possibly
> > from florescent lighting (!)
>Are the audio cables balanced?

No, unfortunately. If I use an rca to xlr cable converter, can I carry a 
balanced signal from my turntable to my preamp, or do I need a special device?

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