I think it is marketing. If you notice, one of the major FAQ headings 
is, why change from cine film to CDR? They aren't talking a better CD, 
they are saying CDR instead of microfilm for medical records. I would 
hazard a guess that they can price "medical CDRs" at about ten times 
the cost, since it is doctors who decide and health insurance that pays 
the bill (or ten percent of it, anyway!) - so it is not a grae but an 
alternate to film recordkeeping...

It is part of the digitization of medical records, which is supposed to 
make our lives "better" ...

If it helps, see this page and you can choose the colored CDs...

My first response was, if it is a medical CD where do they install it 
in the human body?!?

Lou Judson  Intuitive Audio

On Apr 25, 2006, at 5:12 AM, Marcos Sueiro wrote:

> Greetings,
> I just became aware of what they call "medical grade" CD-Rs. I was 
> trying to figure out what is the difference, if any, between these and 
> gold CD-Rs, and I was wondering if anyone has experience with these 
> media.
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> Thanks,
> Marcos