Hello gang,

Thanks for figuring this out.  I'll also make the change to the report 
card and post a new version sometime soon.



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Re: Problem with dates in EAD report card?

Thanks -- that's it, it was all the dates with 31 in them.  I changed it 
from < 31 to < 32 and it goes with no problem.  We will just have to take 
the risk that we'll miss someone erroneously dating something April 31 :)


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Assuming that the bpg.xsl stylesheet used in the Online tool is the same
as the one distributed in the Desktop version (which is what I looked

There's an error in the stylesheet that checks the normalized form of

Around line 776 of bpg.xsl...

<axsl:when test="@normal[(number(substring-before(., '-')) &lt; 3000 
and number(substring-before(substring-after(., '-'), '-')) &lt; 13
and number(substring-after(substring-after(., '-'), '-')) &lt; 31) &#xA;

or (number(substring-before(., '-')) &lt; 3000 ...

There's more to that, but the part on the third line that checks if the
day is less than 31 is wrong, because it doesn't actually match 31. 

Your file, at least this date, appears to be fine.

I'll see if I can send RLG feedback on this issue.

Ryan Wick
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> Subject: Problem with dates in EAD report card?
> I'm getting an error from the RLG EAD report card on my date 
> formatting.
> Here's the XML:
> <date normal="2005-10-31" era="ce" calendar="gregorian">31 
> Oct 2005</date>
> Here's the error I'm getting:
> This attribute is not formated correctly. Use "iso8601" to 
> format the attribute value. 
> And here's what ISO8601 has as their sample at 
> :
>    Complete date:
>       YYYY-MM-DD (eg 1997-07-16)
> Can anyone tell me what's causing this error??
> Thanks
> Michele
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