ISO 2709 refers to the MARC (MAchine Readable Cataloguing). You can find
more information about it at

More specifically, look at

There you will find information about the data format.

Each MARC record consists of a leader, a directory and a data section.
MARC21, for example, has a leader of 24 characters and the 5 first
characters give the length of the entire record.
The directory starts at the 25th character and has a variable length.
It gives information about each occurance of a MARC data field
(tag,starting position and length).


Andre Kahle
Societe d'histoire de La Prairie-de-la-Magdeleine & INFOKA
La Prairie, Québec

A 15:32 2006/04/04 +0100, vous avez écrit :
>I'm working on converting some ISO 2709 records into EAD. I think I have
>the EAD generation part pretty well covered but I haven't found a
>technical specification for the format of ISO 2709 records. I know this
>is a bit off-topic but I guess some people here will have experience
>with this. What I don't know is how to interpret the file format itself.
>It seems to have one record per line, but each line is non-obvious to
>Pedro Côrte-Real.