Dear colleagues,

... I did some research and learned that Upper Silesian and Lower
Silesian are Polish dialects. Some linguists consider them as part of a
language group "Silesian", or one of the 4 major dialect groups of

Wikipedia: Silesian (Upper Silesian) is spoken by the Silesian ethnic
group (both Polish, Silesian and German nationalities) living in the
region of Upper Silesia. It must not be confused with the Silesian
dialect of German (Lower Silesian German) spoken by the Silesian people
in the same region. Cataloged in Ethnologue as dialect of Polish, Upper

A majority of Slavic linguists consider it as a dialect of Polish,
however some people regard it as a separate language belonging to the
West Slavic branch of Slavic languages, together with Polish, Upper and
Lower Sorbian, and other Lekhitic languages) as well as Czech and

So there is also the German dialect group "Schlesisch" (also "Silesian"
in English) comprises
-Oberländisch (in Mittel- und Oberschlesien) 
-Riesengebirgisch (in Nord-Böhmen) 
-Glätzisch (rund um die Stadt Glatz) 
-Schönhengstgauisch (im Grenzgebiet zwischen Böhmen und Mähren) 
-Iglauisch (in Süd-Mähren) 
-Mähren-Schlesisch (in Nord-Mähren und Tschechisch Schlesien) 
-Oberschlesisch (in Oberschlesien) - also "Upper Silesian" in English
-Hochpreußisch (im ostpreußischen Ermland) 

SO I was not that wrong, when I stated in an earlier mail that we (i.e.
my family stemming from that region) consider "Upper Silesian" as German
dialect. Today there are only 200.000 speakers left in the region
speaking the German dialect Upper Silesian... (maybe more live or lived
as refugees after 1945 scattered all over Germany - slowly fading away).

Best regards

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> Since the requester specifies that his language is spoken in Upper 
> Silesia, how could it be the same as "sli" Lower Silesian?

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> Ethnologue and ISO 639-3 has "sli" = Lower Silesian, with the 
> additional
> info: "Different from Upper Silesian, a dialect of Polish".

Could we ask the requester whether the variety they are dealing with
matches what is listed in Ethnologue as "sli"?