Dear JAC members,
This is a general reminder that JAC documents can be found on the ISO Livelink server. A direct link to "our" folder is (you will be asked to enter user-ID and password).
Most of you will automatically be receiving notifications of new items and changed items in that folder. However, the notification settings are confusing, and sometimes you get too much or too little in the form of automatic notifications. As a consequence I will circulate an email notification whenever something happens in our folder. Documents will normally not be circulated through email lists.
(Today I noticed a couple of small errors in a recent document, which I changed, and then I had to change a document name, and I noticed yet another error. Unfortunately I cannot prevent the Livelink server from sending out notifications for all these actions.)
The JAC voting members have had a couple of telephone conferences during the last few months, and at least one more will take place (in May). The latest docments in our folder relate to these conferences. I invite even (or may be particularly) non-voting members to take a look at these documents and to submit any comments on the JAC email list.
Best regards,
Håvard Hjulstad
  Standard Norge / Standards Norway
  direkte tel / direct tel: (+47) 67838645
  mailto:[log in to unmask]