Hi all,

I think you might be interested in reading:

It describes a research collaboration between the LANL Research Library and
the American Physical Society (APS) aimed at designing and implementing a
robust solution for the accurate transfer of digital assets from the APS
collection to LANL.

It also describes how one can combine W3C XML Signature & Processing and
XML-based digital object formats to guarantee the integrity of the
transferred content and the authenticity of the sender. I have been looking
at MPEG-21 DID in particular; but I guess the core principles are the same
when using METS. (e.g. the fact that you would need XML Signatures for both
the datastreams/METS.files and the wrapper document, the set of transforms
that are needed, etc.).


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> Hi,
> In our recent METS Editorial Board Meeting, a METS Digital Signature
> working group was charged to come up with a recommendation for how to
> use XML Signature with METS, and to recommend changes to the METS schema
> if required to implement XML Signature.  A report on the analysis and
> any recommendations for METS schema changes should be available to the
> Board at its November 2006 meeting in Boston.
> I am leading the working group, and I am looking for participants.  If
> you are working in the area of XML Signature and METS, or you have an
> interest in this topic and would like to participate in this working
> group, please send me an email with "digital signature" somewhere in the
> subject line.
> thanks, Brian

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