The DCM has explicit provisions for recording national-level, Library of
Congress, and PCC local decisions for form of numbering and tracing
practice in SARs.

In the SAR template that is supplied with the RLIN21 Cataloging Client, the
prompted field 645 includes "$5DPCC" and when users automatically generate
authority records from 4XX or 8XX fields, this value is also supplied
automatically.   RLIN21 users can themselves remove this value from
templates used for series authority records.  To prevent this value from
being prompted in generated records will require a system change that
cannot be implemented by May 1, 2006.

Antony's message says that "the Library of Congress will continue to
process and redistribute these [series authority] records as part of its
regular file distribution." What should users do about national-level and
LC decisions when doing maintenance on existing authority records or
creating new ones?  Will LC reject LC/NACO records that contain "$5DPCC" or
"$5DLC" in any of the 64X series numbering and treatment fields?  I didn't
see any mention of this in the recent flurry of remarks about this LC

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The Cooperative Cataloging Team and Series Authority Work

In line with the optional treatment for series tracing contained within the
Core standard, the Library of Congress will begin recording all series
statements as a 490 0 beginning 1st May 2006.  In the ensuing weeks, at the
PCC Operations Committee meetings, at ALA*Annual, and at other venues, PCC
members will discuss policy and practical issues related to this decision.

The Cooperative Cataloging Team will fulfill current commitments to review
trainee work in series and to answer questions with the goal of
independence for those members before the end of this year.  In keeping
with the original announcement from LC, the team will not perform BFM or
other database revisions, except for the deletion of duplicates found by
PCC members in the authority files.

Decreasing practical familiarity with series work will require the
Cooperative Cataloging Team to cease training and review.

The PCC itself has taken an independent step toward series authority work
and training through the development in association with ALA's Association
for Library Collections and Technical Services (ALCTS) of two series
workshops. Preview offerings of these will be held at ALA*Annual in June.
The announcement by the Library of Congress does not preclude qualified PCC
members from continuing series authority work through usual NACO channels.
The Library of Congress will continue to process and redistribute these
records as part of its regular file distribution.

Anthony R.D. Franks
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