There are many libraries who will still want to control series access 
points.  LC's decision will make this more expensive for the those 
libraries.  And while access to an uncontrolled series title will probably 
work for those series that have unique titles, I can imagine the mess that 
users will have to deal with when searching for the series titled "Report" 
or "Publication" and wading through all the results of their keyword 
searches to find the particular document that they are looking for.  Will 
LC now provide a corporate body access point for these so that they can be 
found that way instead of through the series?  I'm also worried about the 
difficulty library acquisitions and serials units will have figuring out 
what holdings of such documents they have and don't have without a 
controlled series access point in monograph records.

On Sat, 22 Apr 2006, Ed Jones wrote:

> It should perhaps be pointed out that this will not just be the end of 
> LC series authority control, but also the end of the ability to reliably 
> collocate or differentiate LC bibliographic records on the basis of 
> series.

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