Just to build a little on Diana's comments about being able to trace but 
not collocate series headings in online catalogs.  One related 
threatened class of material that I don't think anyone has mentioned:  
classed together series.  We have many classed together, usually 
scholarly, series.  These are under a double threat of no longer 
collocating in either the catalog *or* on the shelves.

And this leads to a very big "ripple effect" concern here that, in our 
Opac, a hitlist of authority-controlled series entries that stops at a 
certain number (or volumes that stop being shelved with all the other 
books in that classed tog. series on the shelves) will lead any average 
user to conclude, and very reasonably, that this means we don't have the 
later volumes.  So the sad truth is that abandoning series authority 
compromises not only future series headings but past ones as well. Will 
it lead us to retrospectively remove authority control from series 
entries to maintain collocation under title page forms?   Sigh ....

We're going to need a lot of deep breathing to weather what's ahead.  I 
keep trying to remind myself that many authority-controlled series 
titles will be the same as their title page forms and that we will be 
able to spend less time setting up the authority structure for many 
insignificant series (or doing all the work of setting up a series just 
to note that it shouldn't be treated as a series at all but as a quoted 
note!).  It will be interesting to see if these hopes are borne out.  Do 
we have any idea how many authority-controlled series titles are the 
same as their title page forms? 

Celine Noel
UNC-Chapel Hill

D. Brooking wrote:

> I think it is rather confusing--controlling vs. tracing vs. indexing.
> In a local library's ILS, you should be able to (OK, maybe not 
> depending on your vendor) index almost any field. In our system, we 
> could index 490 fields
> -- as keywords
> and/or
> -- as left-to-right phrases in our title index (we don't have a 
> separate series index, but even that could be technically possible).
> So "indexing" a field in your system is not the same as "controlling" 
> the field. However, "indexing" could be seen kind of like "tracing"? 
> So even if LC changes 440s to 490s, you could set up your local system 
> to "trace" the field no matter the MARC tag.
> However, the real problem is the *form* of the heading. Even if you 
> index the field, you won't get collocation and differentiation between 
> similar titles without authority control. A local library can still 
> continue to do authority control on series as well, and if they are 
> PCC members, share authority records with others, but of course it 
> will cost us all to have to redo LC records locally.
> We still haven't decided what we are going to do about all this. But 
> it seems like convincing LC not to undo other people's work is a basic 
> first step.
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> On Thu, 27 Apr 2006, John Lavalie wrote:
>>> Lest we forget something about what we provide to our patrons: Just
>> because LC is going to tag the series as "490 untraced" doesn't mean
>> that you can't provide access to that information as some sort of
>> "series tracing" in your own OPAC
>> True, however
>>> (Imported copy cataloging records will have series access points
>> removed   and series statements changed to 490 0.)
>> means that even if we trace series, LC will eventually remove our work.
>> So basically LC is saying "we're not doing it, and you can't either."
>> So much for cooperative cataloging.
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>>> Colleages,
>>> Lest we forget something about what we provide to our patrons: Just
>>> because LC is going to tag the series as "490 untraced" doesn't mean
>> that
>>> you can't provide access to that information as some sort of "series
>>> tracing" in your own OPAC. Granted, it isn't going to be under
>> "authority
>>> control", but it isn't as if you can't use the information. Yes, there
>> is
>>> lack of precision in searching that will certainly make it more
>> difficult
>>> for some kinds of work, but, there will be thousands of titles where
>> the
>>> "traced" form would be exactly as it is on the item anyway. Let's not
>>> confuse the issue of LC policy with what you can control in your own
>>> catalog.
>>> Lois
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