Hi, Sue,

Have you looked at Henry Wilhelm's site? He might have some ideas as 
to how to do this on a budget, although he might be making things 
colder than you wish.

The top articles in the left column are a good place to start. I 
think there are hints in there as to how to make cost-effective 
freezers for your home, but if you take the same idea and maybe make 
it not as cold, you should be fine.

I'm wondering how much, long term, this costs vs. migrating to digital.

I've been studying the degradation of tape recently, and while there 
is no immediate new crisis (there are a few known ones) the long-term 
storage to me is not favorable. In addition to the big problem of 
machine obsolescence, the chemistry of the tapes is not conducive to 
100+year life.



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