On the subject of copyrights...

Another note from the American Symphony Orchestra League


"Orch managers working on agreement for self-produced recordings

In Sunday's Akron Beacon Journal, Elaine Guregian writes: "The number
of symphony orchestras offering music to download could go from a trickle
to a downpour if a pending agreement for self-produced recordings were
Guregian quotes Gary Hanson, chair of the Orchestra Managers' Media
Committee: "There are ongoing discussions between a group of 50
orchestra managers and the American Federation of Musicians ... for a
national self-produced recording agreement."  Guregian adds, "If this new
self-recording agreement were reached, orchestras who made their own
recordings would actually retain the copyright. That's crucial, since
as the copyright owners, they would have the legal right to sell the music
for downloading." Guregian notes, "Nationally, several models are being
tested for making orchestras part of the iPod nation," citing the New York
and Los Angeles philharmonics' new agreements to release live concert
recordings to the iTunes Music Store."