On Mon, 15 May 2006, Malcolm F Davidson wrote:

> The challenge, because of limited funding is always where do we draw the
> line?

For me, that is one of the major questions...what is the least that is
acceptable...and yet...

> If we have low levels of funding then we cannot do
> justice to process and education.

Couple that with institutions placing little value on knowledge of the
process and the subject and on teaching same...

 More funding enables a more coherent
> approach to be taken for protection of the music and spoken word.

Yet sadly, those that preserve cannot, under our copyrights, have any way
of even attempting cost recovery.

 Think of
> the knowledge that is lost when one of the archiving community's elders
> statesmen passes on?

I think about the loss at Library of Congress when Wayne Shirley retired.
I think about the many on this mailing list with wonderful collections and
great knowledge of those collections, all of which will likely be lost
when they are gone. On the other hand, I find the archives of this mailing
list to be a wonderful resource to tap into some of their knowledge.

> Many priceless artifacts in Iraq were lost under the jackboots of war, I
> doubt many 78's can be saved from the incessant trampling of the ipod
> generation.

Your sentence reminded me of the old broadcast performances I have on my
MP3 player...