At 03:40 PM 5/30/2006, you wrote:
>hello all,
>we are looking for a superior a/d converter compatible with a carddeluxe sound
>card that is compliant to the iasa specs.  are there any recommendations out


Why do you want an external A-D converter for the CardDeluxe? It is 
one of the better A/D converters out there.

I know IASA says use an external converter, but in modern computers 
all the noise inside the box is so far out of the audio band it 
doesn't degrade the audio. We're not talking SoundBlaster here.

Tom Fine can speak directly to the goodness of the CardDeluxe as he 
uses one in his transfer business. I use RME Multifaces as I wanted 
the additional channels (I actually have two), but the CardDeluxe was 
high on my list.

Another internal card that doesn't, on the face of things, meet the 
IASA specs are the Lynx One and especially the Lynx Two. The Lynx Two 
is perhaps one of the finest converters around.

While I can understand why the IASA specs were written and except for 
these three cards, I would agree with them. But, a better use for the 
money would be for something else more closely related to playback quality.

The CardDeluxe can go to 96/24 I don't think it does 192 even as just 
a digital in card.



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