hello all-

george blood suggested i poll this listserv for the answer(s) to this question:

i am currently creating a "cheat sheet" for wet disaster recovery of audio 
materials for a presentation at ALA. the categories are: media type, action 
time, handling precautions, prep/cleaning (more like rinsing) materials, 
and drying materials.

there is a good deal of information on recovery of magnetic tape, vinyl and 
acetate/shellac discs, but almost nothing on more obscure media such as the 

wax media (cylinders, disc masters)
phenol discs (edison diamond discs)
vulcanite (berliner) discs
wire recordings
magnetic belt recordings (dictation)
grooved belt recordings (dictation)
any and all playback equipment

does anyone have any guidance as to what i can advise people on doing to 
recovery these materials if they get wet? i have some information, and some 
of it seems obvious in terms of materials science, but i would prefer to 
hear from people who have had direct experience with recovering these 
materials. you will (of course) be properly credited for your efforts.

i appreciate any and all insight you all can provide me!

thank you so much,
tara kennedy

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