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> Well, let me put my two cents in here and duck out with my hands guarding
> head -
> We really have a wonderful show to look forward to within the ARSC meet
> itself with Buttersprites. Some may look at it and say "well, this isn't
> kind of thing" but it is far more entertaining and accessible a
> than one would expect from most contemporary acts. They were nominated for
> "best band in Seattle" by the Seattle Weekly Music Awards and played their
> showcase last Friday; the winner will be announced tomorrow. Even if they
> don't win, it's a credit to the local organizers that we engaged
> Buttersprites months ago when the heat on their spin was simmering rather
> than cooking as it is now.
These "Buttersprites" can be viewed...and
for those interested.

Since most of the folks at an ARSC gathering have experienced music of
the past, it is hard to imagine a vast amount of interest in the group,
which seems to be more of an artistic statement in the 21st century vein
than a musical statement. If you can imagine a (mostly) North American
group of women copying Japanese copies of punk rock...

Note in particular "Dog Food" which may have been intended to have a

Then again, I may be reacting due to old memories of "Doggie In the
Window?" (The Buttersprites do more barking...)

Steven C. Barr