Edward Joseph Collins
American composer/pianist/conductor (1886-1951)

Jon Becker
Coordinator, Edward Joseph Collins Project ( www.EdwardJ
Arts & Education Consultant     POB 3292, Madison, WI   53704 USA
877.223.8068 toll free tel / 608.469.0316 cell /   608.242.8525 tel / fax
The Collins project aims to restore the composer's music legacy, with a 
priority on digital engraving   and recording of all the music. 

Marin Alsop has conducted many of the Collins orchestral works in concert 
worldwide and for recordings with the Royal Scottish Natl Orch. Seven CDs are 
already available from Albany   Records ( and two more are 
planned, toward a complete recorded anthology. 

The only extant music-related recording of the composer is some silent film 
footage of him performing at a grand piano, likely his own composition "The 
5:48", an evocation of a Chicago commuter train), probably from the 1940s.

The Collins project is seeking additional recordings, for research purposes 
and for possible inclusion in the anthology or on   a website ( www.EdwardJ

Ernestine Schumann-Heink Connection
Collins's sister, pianist Katherine (Collins) Hoffmann, accompanied contralto 
Ernestine Schumann-Heink during the early part of   the 20th century, both in 
the USA and abroad.   Hoffmann recorded with Schumann-Heink, including tracks 
still available on:  Ernestine Schumann-Heink, Contralto: Opera Arias & Songs 
(1900-1935) , Delos DE C5503/Stanford Archives Series (eleven songs/arias w/ 
K Hoffmann); Schumann-Heink: Prima Voce, Nimbus Records NI 7811 (two 
songs/arias w/ K Hoffmann) K Hoffmann also gave   some of E Collins's songs to 
Schumann-Heink in the 1910s and 1920s, during which period E Collins also accompanied 
Schumann-Heink on tours in the USA and abroad.   Perhaps there also exist 
recordings of Collins's music by Schumann-Heink, or with the contralto accompanied 
by Collins.

The following other occasions may have been filmed, recorded, or broadcast:

US Army 88th Division (intelligence) doughboys (dancers, actors, singers, 
chorus, and orchestra)
Champs Elysses Theatre, Paris, France 
12-17 MAY 1919     Who Can Tell?
                    Music theater   work (burlesque) for which Collins 
composed music, while in military service   during   and after WWI
                    President Wilson and Gen. Pershing attended 17MAY1919 
performance (possible sound or film recording?)
                    Who Can Tell? was performed in Madison WI 1921-22
                        Collins received a post-WWI bandmaster appointment by 
John Phillips Sousa

Chicago Symphony Orchestra performances (w/ possible radio broadcasts, 
although none are to be found in the CSO's Rosenthal archives)
Orchestra Hall, Chicago; Frederick Stock, conductor (unless otherwise noted)
28-29 MAR 1924      Mardi Gras     
27-28 MAR 1925         Concerto for Piano, E-flat Major (No. 1) [Ed Jos 
Collins, soloist]
04-05 MAR 1927     Tragic Overture     
03-04 DEC 1931     Concert Piece for Piano and Orchestra (No. 2) [Ed Jos 
Collins, soloist]
17-18 APR 1941     Lament and Jig (one variation from the multi-composer work 
Variations on an American Folk-Song)     
05-06 MAR 1942     Tragic Overture [Ed Jos Collins, conductor]     
25-26 MAR 1943     Concerto for Piano, B Minor (No. 3) [Ed Jos Collins, 

band (name unknown) with soloist soprano Olive Arthur, concerts (w/radio 
broadcasts, likely live)
Grant Park   Band Shell, Chicago; conductor unknown
18 & 26 JUL 1939     Daughter of the South (opera, in one act)
                    selection(s) arranged   for soprano with band, by someone 
other than the composer, incl. 'Mary Lou's aria'
                    (Collins noted in his journal that the radio broadcast of 
the 26 JUL 1939 broadcast
                    was heard by relatives in Fish Creek WI and Joliet IL)

"Monte Parnassus hour" radio show; Monte Hall, host
3 FEB 1940           Lecture   on the "problems of the composer" by Collins, 
broadcast live
                    (composer noted in his journal that the radio broadcast 
was heard by relatives in Joliet)

WOR radio station, New York City
Alfred "Wally" Wallenstein, musical director (also director of NBC orchestra 
series, broadcast following Toscanini series shows)
> 21 NOV   1940     Lil' David Play on Yo' Harp for orchestra
                    (composer wrote in his journal that   he made an 
arrangement of this piano solo work after Wally promised to perform it)