We need to be concerned about the long arm of all corporations including those profiting from selling devices for reproducing intellectual property. They are the principal beneficiaries of an enlarged public domain. The victims are contemporary composers, authors and recording artists who are forced to compete directly with historical (and pirated) material that is available for free. 

This isn't really about the public vs. the record companies. It's about the electronics industry having a steady source of cheap "content" available so they can sell everybody an unending stream of trendy patented gadgets.

And the real story is that the world has shrunk and all nations are making their copyright terms consistent. This means matching the longest because anything less deprives individuals of their property. Yes, this costs some people their opportunity to make money on public domain recordings.

What I'd like to know is how one justifies the perpetual ownership of real estate!

>There are many musicians in the US who are concerned about the long arm of the 
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