Found on a folk music list:

This just in (Wall Street Journal for May 22, page B1):

"Smithsonian Folkways Recordings, the non-profit record label of the 
Smithsonian Institution, has reached a deal to market all of its vast 
and eclectic library on Internet services like Apple Computer Inc.'s 
iTunes Music Store... [with] The Orchard--owned by Dimensional 
Associates Inc., the private equity arm of hedge fund JDS Capital 
Management, Inc."  [I *told* you this was from the Wall Street 

"... Beyond the frogs [a cell-phone ring-tone venture that the article 
describes earlier], the Orchard has mapped out two years' worth of 
promotions--many of them more in line with Folkways' staid image--for 
the catalog's holdings"

"... In 2005, Folkways launched its own downloading site,  [see also], and saw its 
revenue increase 24%, to nearly $3 million."

"... The Smithsonian Institution acquired the label from [Moses] Asch's 
estate in 1987, on the condition that every single title be kept in 
print.  The Smithsonian has since added collections and signed new