I, too, was wishing for a contact list. The Wednesday pre-conference workshop did have one and I assumed that I just didn't get my list for the conference itself through the same snafu that spelled my name "Hirch" on my nametag. 

I did have a great time on my maiden ARSC voyage. Now I know that 
Spottswood is not just a book title and that librarians, archivists, 
engineers and collectors make a truly wonderfully weird mix that found 
its ultimate expression in the interpretation of the memorable classics 
"Dog Food", "Panic Attack" and "Happy Birthday" (ask someone who was 

Shoutouts to Michael "Mad Dog" Tarabulski, Andy, Jon and Jerry (killa' 
MLA Crew), Steve S. up from tha' Md. hood, John "Local Hero" Ross, 
Pete's kamikaze   car service, da Bry Man 'n Brenda, Unca Dave, Feast 
'n' Fab 'n' Nauck (try saying that quickly), kiwi Marie O', the Mighty 
Schurk and Ramm (not quite a palindrome) Man , and all the kind folk 
that enlightened, entertained or simply tolerated me at one point or 

Peter "don't you ever call me Pete" Hirsch
(affiliation withheld)

David Lewis wrote:
> Thank you Rob! And I second the notion that we should have some kind of
> contact list for the last meet. Distribution through the list might be
> preferable than to embed such a page on the website, as not all of us want
> our contact information made public. Not a problem for me, but it could be
> for some.
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I was about to sat there is a David Lewis in this list already - but I
> see you are he! Sorry I can't help.
> It would be interesting to hear some people's reactions to the 
> conference, for those of us who did not attend - unless that would bore 
> the rest of you...
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> On May 22, 2006, at 11:08 AM, David Lewis wrote:
>> ARSC-listers,
>> Does anyone have contact information for the fellow from the CBC who
>> attended the ARSC Conference this year? I didn't get a card and would 
>> like
>> to make contact with him.
>> thanks,
>> David N. Lewis
>> Assistant Classical Editor, All Music Guide
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>> Ann Arbor, MI 48108
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