That makes it easy-
Find a flea market with a AC power outlet and find a machine the seller
will let you test. If the seller won't let you test it, pass it by. Take
along a record known to play well and isn't rare.
 There's all kinds of them around Syracuse, N.Y. - you should be able
to find one easily in San Francisco. Junque shops will probably have a
machine or 2 around that a little TLC will work wonders with..

Or the always present E BAY.

Bob H.

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thanks. Just looking for a record player for pleasure listening,
hopefully a dealer in the bay area of S.F.


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Hey Rod,
Are they looking for "archival quality" or just something for pleasure.
they're looking for archival quality, they'll have to open their pocket

books.  But if they just want anything that plays all three speeds,
are hundreds of thousands of older units that can be retrofitted with a

quality cartridge and offer decent performance.
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> Hi,
> Can someone out there help me? I'm helping a friend find a record
> that will play 78s, as well as 33 1/3 and 45.(Are there players that

> handle all 3 speeds?) Hopefully, someone will know of a good source
in the 
> Bay area (San Jose), or elsewhere. Thanks in advance.
> Rod