Roger and Allison Kulp wrote:
> Here's an interesting question.Let's say you have an old acetate,or tape of an unidentified,unknown work,and want to put it out on a CD.How would this law effect this ? Roger 

A variation on the theme:

You have a recording of a work in the public domain but lack information 
on its origin. You want to use it, but need to publicize it in order to 
find out who has the rights. That might mean CD copies sent to the 
experts in the field, Internet posting with requests to audition sent to 
appropriate groups, or similar devices.

As I understand the law (with or without the orphan-works legislation), 
you can't publish even to that limited extent without a license; you 
can't get the license without finding the holder(s) of rights; you can't 
find them without publishing.

It's Catch 23 - Catch 22 was for a two-stage loop. <G>

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