steven c wrote:

> You can, indeed, assign an 11-character name to any drive in a DOS-based
> fact, when you farmat a disk, hard or floppy, you'll be prompted
> to enter a name for it. However, what you can't do is access these disks
> by typing in the names...Wintel only recognizes letters of the alphabet
> as drive designations, and A:, B: and C: are automatically assigned to
> two floppy drives and the first hard drive (or partition) on the system.

Permit me a minor correction. Windows inherits the boot drive letter 
from its installation. That is also the only drive designation which 
cannot be changed.

Under normal circumstances, the boot drive will be C: and the above is 
correct. However, I learned to my regret that a perfectly normal startup 
with an empty primary drive is not "normal" in that sense. Since I have 
a number of optical and other drives (including the one holding the 
CD-ROM to install XP), they were assigned letters C: through F: and my 
boot drive is G:.

Some software looks for a writable C: drive. In order to satisfy its 
demands, I have assigned C: to a flash drive.

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