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> A photo from earlier this month from the Warner Brothers studios in Los
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Well, as I sit here I'm using an "obsolete" IBM Pentium III machine. I
bought it a year ago for Cdn$149...I could buy a faster one, same
processor, for Cdn$59 according to the latest flyer.

To my immediate right sits an 80286 machine...which cost me $5 about
nine years ago. It has one assigned task, which it still does well...
host a dBASE III+ (came with the machine) database. Should I so
desire, I could still type documents or construct simple spreadsheets.
Current value? -$10, since it has to have its "dangerous contaminants"
removed before it can be accepted by the state of Michigan, where
Canadian garbage is exiled!

I have a working (albeit decade-old) cassette-capable "mini-boombox"
built by Sony...still works fine. I have a forty)(?) year old "record
player" modified to provide line-level needs only a
new needle, and I have identified a source therefor. I also have
a Brunswick "Ultona" console wind-up phonograph...for which I can
buy steel needles and reproduction parts should I need them.

For that matter, all I need to "play" (i.e. get recognizable
sound from) a shellac 78 is something which has a centre
pin/spindle, a pointed "needle" and something to serve as a
diaphraghm! I could stick a straight pin through a 4x6 card,
use a dowel (or appropriately-sized twig) set into a base as
a "spindle," and turn the record by hand...and recognizable
(though inaccurate) sound reproduction would ensue!

Try THAT with a CD or CD-R...

Steven C. Barr