I heard worse stories than this about Hollywood. There was a time -- 50's and 60's, when there was a 
rapid upgrade period and much fantastic/built-like-tanks audio gear was cast off. But, the rule at 
some studios was SMASH IT TO BITS so competitors couldn't get it from the scrap heap and "use it 
against you." I heard one story of taking a whole afternoon and smashing hundreds of pieces of 
Western Electric and Langevin gear. Today's ebay value on that stuff even beats inflation since it 
was built. Plus it was damn good-sounding stuff that's not made anymore.

-- Tom Fine

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Sorry ( in a way ) that I have no pictures to back up this story,
but a friend of mine, Mr. William Stanmyre, now deceased, who was an audio engineer at the Paramount 
Astoria studios and later in Hollywood told me of the amount of cast off microphones, disc cutters, 
preamps and other ancillary production equipment that could be had for the asking as it was on its' 
way to the scrap heap in the late 1930's through  the 1940's and 50's.

 Fortunately he managed to retain a few things over the years which he passed on to me when he 
retired to Florida.

I'd like to believe that somone on the lot will give one those tape machines a berth, and a host of 
reparable boards and parts to keep it operational in the future.

Bobv Hodge

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My thoughts exactly.This looks like this equipment was free for the taking,if you could beat the 
garbage truck to it.One wonders is this is how the indie labels of the 90s,got the equipment to make 
thier great analogue records in the 90s.
  Roger Kulp

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  Dumpster diving royale!

Lou Judson * Intuitive Audio

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> Sick. MTR-90's ...
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> Sent to me by a friend...
> Karl
> A photo from earlier this month from the Warner Brothers studios in Los
> Angeles.

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