NZ has some very specific foods, only found in NZ.  But we can talk more about
this when eating non-NZ food in Seattle!  Just remember, there are 40 million
sheep in NZ, and 4 million of those think they are human....hehe  

Also, we are surrounded by a lot of water - nice clean water - and have a lot of
seafood.  Very different from the water I have seen here in Mississippi and the



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> > I'll be there.  Got any New Zealand type food restaurants there?  ;-) 
> > 
> Now my curiosity is piqued! Is there a specific "New Zealand type food"
> cuisine? Here in Toronto, we have restaurants from just about every
> country I'm aware of...but I don't recall ever having seen any place
> advertising "New Zealand food served here!"
> Something like looking for "Canadian restaurants," eh?
> ...stevenc

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