Hello all :-)

So sorry to throw a damp blanket on expectations for Bobby Blue Bland's 
show, but I have seen him several times in the past 3 years (doing lights 
for him when he appeared at B.B.King's Blues Club in NYC), and I am sad to 
report that it is a borderline-painful experience.  Mr. Bland has, shall we 
say kindly, seriously diminished performing abilities.  It's a decent 
pickup blues band, but he can barely sing (or stand) anymore.

Forgive me for pointing this out, but I figured I'd warn you that if you 
were expecting a James-Brown-level performance of "Turn On Your Lovelight", 
then you will be sorely diappointed.


If anyone is arriving on Tuesday 5/16, George Clinton is appearing that 
night at the Showbox Theater, 5 blocks from the Red Lion Hotel, for only 
$20 advance, $25 day of show.  I have done lights for him many times at 
BB's, and he still has more funk in his little pinky finger than any 20 
Black-Eyed-Peas-Outkast-Prince-you-name-it funksters put together...  

Expect them to pick up their instruments and essentially not take a breath 
or stop playing for 3 solid hours...  Doors at 8pm, not sure when the music 
is supposed to start...  It might make one a little bleary for the first 
part of Wednesday's all-day program, but I can guarantee from personal 
experience that it will be worth it :-)

dave nolan
92nd Street Y

P.S. - Lou - I know I still owe you for the DAT labels ;-) - see you with 
check in hand in Seattle...

>Just found out that Bobby Blue Bland will be playing at Dimitriou's Jazz 
>in Seattle on the weekend of the ARSC Conference.  Anyone interested in 
>There aren't many pioneers left and this should be a great show. I was 
>of Thursday night since the 78 schmoozing session is on Friday. Here's the 
>Let me know if anyone wants to join me.
>Cary Ginell
>Sound Thinking Music Research
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