This thread is great.  Thanks to all.

Dave Nolan said,
>>which allow numerous workstations (and listening stations) to log in and 
>>listen to/record/edit/process audio and video files simultaneously.  They 
>>are also (as I understand it) the only RAID-protected hard drive storage 
>>that will work with Pro Tools.  For off-site backup, we are using Glyph...

This sounds like a great production and access system.  The problem I see with two hard drive based storage medias as the only archival carriers is they are both hard drives!

>>Our main objection to using CD-r as a primary archival medium at the 92nd 
>>Street Y was data integrity and longevity.

If you don't know what you are doing, don't test the discs after they are burned, etc., this is true.  But, all the discs in our archive have already outlasted one generation of enterprise servers and their error rates are unchanged from the day they were created 8 years ago.

Even data residing on hard drives needs periodic testing via check sum or whatever.  My understanding is that just because something resides in a RAID doesn't mean it is immune to latent errors that can then be propogated across all the drives.  Unfortunately the rate of such occurrences is impossible to quantify.  That said, RAIDs mainly guard against catastrophic disaster.

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Kevin Irelan