I would let you expound, as long as I have a delete button and don't 
have to be impolite in person. Just to pipe in that I did sound for a 
student recital last Sunday, and there were a couple of tweeners 
(almost teens) who played Led Zeppelin tunes on electric guitars - and 
I was thinking while they played this, gee, I stopped listening to rock 
before this came out - and to this kid it is a classic, as revered by 
him as Brubeck or Coltrane or Miles were to me at his age... and 
natural as music! Times change, and punk escaped me too...

My partner's son went to teaching in his new home of Australia, after 
finding nobody wanted to play music - they wanted to be stars, and play 
in a band, but not prectice or write songs. Just wanna be in a band. 
They seem to think that's easy!


Lou Judson  Intuitive Audio

On May 10, 2006, at 7:09 PM, steven c wrote:

> I don't object to modern music per se...I just find that the
> inevitable general tendency of music is in the direction of
> less competence ("Why do I need to put forth any effort to
> become a star?")...which, sadly, typifies the 21st century!
> Will expound on this at your request...but also at your risk!