Thanks for the description! Like typesetting, only electronic. I know 
about engraved business cards and such, just hadn't heard it applied to 
music. Makes perfect snse, just wondered if there was a more unusual 
meaning to it.


Lou Judson  Intuitive Audio

On May 10, 2006, at 7:21 PM, David Seubert wrote:

> Engraving was the term for setting musical scores in type for printing 
> and publication. It was done in a variety of ways from actually 
> engraving on a metal plate to musical typewriters. It was a very 
> tedious and expensive process and required skilled craftspeople to 
> make the engravings. As a result, a lot of music was never published 
> or only published as reproductions of a copyists manuscripts and also 
> contributed to the high cost of printed music. In later years 
> engraving was often done overseas where labor was cheaper. In the 
> digital age this is now done with software such as a Sibelius of 
> Finale, but the term engraving persists even though I doubt anybody 
> actually engraves music these days.
> Wikipedia has a pretty good explanation 
> ( and Don Krummel's book 
> Music Printing and Publishing is the classic reference in the history 
> of music publishing.
> David Seubert