Yes, would be looking for record player containing turntable/changer, speaker, in the same unit.



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> Can someone out there help me? I'm helping a friend find a record player
that will play 78s, as well as 33 1/3 and 45.(Are there players that handle
all 3 speeds?) Hopefully, someone will know of a good source in the Bay area
(San Jose), or elsewhere. Thanks in advance.
Meaning a 78-capable turntable to plug into an existing sound system...
or an actual "record player" containing turntable/changer and a
speaker output in the same unit (these were sold in the millions in
the analog era, and reproductions (with 78 speed but no 78 needle)
are still being sold for chronolgically-homesick baby boomers...?!

Steven C. Barr