An Absolute Truth !!

Case In Point....

A locally owned AM radio broadcast station located here in Syracuse which has a 1939 Western Electric transmitter which was literally ripped out of service in the 1960's- cable harnesses hacksawed apart, and other destructive methods.Stored in an unheated building- never to be put back in service- has retained it for the last 60 years and has "depreciated " it since then. 

What's Wrong With This Picture ?

I believe that the bigger the company, the less likely they will pursue this tactic.


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I recently theorized that companies would rather depreciate the equipment down to naught for tax purposes (dumpster material) than have to deal with donating or selling used stuff. Is this logic sound?

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	My thoughts exactly.This looks like this equipment was free for the taking,if you could beat the garbage truck to it.One wonders is this is how the indie labels of the 90s,got the equipment to make thier great analogue records in the 90s.
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	  Dumpster diving royale!
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	> Sick. MTR-90's ...
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	> A photo from earlier this month from the Warner Brothers studios in Los
	> Angeles.
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