CONSER and BIBCO members,

Sorry this message is long. Here are the main points, further details are
available below that:

1) Members will be able to create OCLC bib level i records in the
continuing resources format beginning June 2006 and should use this
approach for creating new records for textual integrating resources rather
than using the "interim" bib level "m" practice.

2) CONSER and BIBCO members won't be able to authenticate bib level i
records in the continuing resources format until details regarding
authentication codes and distribution through LC and CDS are worked out,
probably no sooner than fall 2006. 

3) Please don't add any authentication codes to these records until a
decision is made about an appropriate authentication code for these

4) Please don't convert any LC records created under the "interim"
practice, or any LC monograph records for integrating resources created
before 2002, until LC finishes its plans for converting and distributing
Folks from several LC offices have been consulting with OCLC staff on the
implementation of bib level i. We want to let you know where we are as far
as CONSER and BIBCO members being able to authenticate records for these
resources on OCLC, share maintenance, and have them distributed through a
single serials/integrating resources file.
Further Details:

OCLC Technical Bulletin 252 describes the
OCLC-MARC update planned for June 2006. After the update is complete,
Connexion users will be able to create records for textual integrating
resources using the continuing resources work form and bibliographic level
code i. This will replace the "interim" practice of using bibliographic
code level "m" and 006 to show continuing resource aspects.

The logistics of authenticating records for distribution through the
existing MDS-Serials file (a.k.a. "CONSER file," a CDS subscription file)
will be in place no sooner than fall 2006. The authentication code and the
LCCN are the two elements that identify continuing resource records in
OCLC for distribution through the MDS-Serials file.  We will need to
decide on an authentication code that both CONSER and BIBCO members using
OCLC can use (most likely a common, new code). So CONSER and BIBCO members
working on OCLC are encouraged to create bibliographic level i records in
the continuing resources format, but please do not add an authentication
code to these records until we figure out an appropriate code.

We will also need to provide BIBCO members working on OCLC with LCCNs, the
other record element needed for distribution of continuing resource
records. And there are a number of technical issues that LC, CDS, and OCLC
need to work out for distribution of IR records to happen.

Once the OCLC/MARC update is completed in June, some OCLC authorizations
for enhance capability will be able to change records for integrating
resources from bib level m to i. CONSER authorizations will not be enabled
to make this change until additional 
work by OCLC is done in July. 

LC records created under the interim policy and before (i.e., as
monographs) are distributed through several CDS products based on record
type (e.g., Books, Maps, Music). Converting these records now before LC is
able to remove them from the books file and assure that they can be
distributed will be a problem. So we'd like to ask authorized users to
refrain from converting these LC records to the continuing resources
format until LC completes its planning for this process.

Les Hawkins
CONSER Coordinator
v. 202 707-5185