Patty - the responses thus far suggest that the problem lies in the
other part of your style sheet, the one that calls the daogrp
processing.  What style sheet are you using to process the rest of your


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>>> [log in to unmask] 5/23/2006 9:01 AM >>>
Mark C.,
I ran the daogrp from this e-mail through the stylesheet (daogrp.xsl)
and had no problems. (below)

> Patty-  Which stylesheet are you using to process the rest of the 
> finding aid?  It's probably just a matter of calling the module or 
> putting daogrp in context.  If you want to contact me off list,
> feel free.
> -- 
> Mark Carlson
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> Patricia Rettig wrote:
> > After searching the listserv archive and the Internet, and
> combing
> > through various best practices documents, I have come a few steps
> closer
> > to encoding a <daogrp> and getting it to display, but I must be
> missing
> > something.