Our company has been offering EAD conversion and encoding services since
1996, the day EAD was announced. We have an exceptional track record of
superior quality work.  Thousands of finding aids encoded by us are
available on dozens of Archives and Library site on the Internet. Our
list of references includes institutions in the US and Europe, and can
be made available to you to contact. 

It would be our pleasure to give you a quote for the legacy finding aid
conversion. But I need to see a representative sample of the pages to be
converted. Could you fax to me a few pages and also a more detailed
description of the work?

Have you, or do you plan to issue an RFP or a Request for quotes?

Please do not hesitate to contact me for any question related to our


Nicolas Maftei

604 732-5614  fax:  604 732-5672

Michele Rothenberger wrote:
> Here's a question not on EAD per se, but I think this is the right group
> of people to ask.  We're looking at outsourcing conversion of some 12000
> pages of finding aids to EAD.  Anyone who has done this and who would be
> willing to share their per-page cost?  We'd like to know how the quote
> we received compares to others' experience.
> Many thanks
> Michele
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