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The U.S. Government Printing Office (GPO) is pleased to announce a six-month
digitization demonstration project, which will start on June 1, 2006. One of
the goals of GPO's "Strategic Vision for the 21st Century" is to digitize a
complete legacy collection of tangible U.S. Government publications to make
sure that these materials are available, in the public domain, for permanent
public access. During the demonstration project, GPO is focusing on
digitizing legislative and regulatory material that expands the coverage of
the most popular GPO Access databases.  

GPO has acquired several publications in preparation for the project but are
still seeking a complete set of the following publications in paper format:

*Code of Federal Regulations: 1990-1996  
AE 2.106/3:
AE 2.106/3-2:

*List of CFR Sections Affected: 1990-1996
AE 2.106/2-2:

*Congressional Record: daily edition 101st Congress, v. 135 (1989) - 103rd
Congress, v. 140 (1994)
X 1.1/A:

*Congressional Record Index: All years (101st Congress, v. 135 (1989) -
X 1.1/A:

*Public and private laws, 101st Congress - 103rd Congress
AE 2.110:

GPO prefers these publications come from regional-approved deaccessions or
collections of duplicates no longer needed. While donations are preferable,
loans of material will be considered as well when publications are not
available for donation.   

If you have questions or comments or wish to make a publication donation to
GPO, please use the GPO online help service at:


To ensure that your submission is routed to the correct area, please choose
the category "Federal Depository Libraries" and the appropriate subcategory
"Digitization- "Publication Offers to GPO".

Publication donations may also be made through Library Services and Content
Management, Collections Management and Preservation, Office of Archival
Management (Archives). Please contact Kathy Brazee by phone at 202-512-1187
or by email at <[log in to unmask]>.

The legacy publications to be prioritized for digitization were previously
announced in "Priorities for Digitization of Legacy Collection", online at
<>. For
this demonstration, we are starting with the titles in priority group one,
with the exception of the U.S. Statutes at Large and possibly Congressional
Bills. These titles will be digitized, following GPO's digitization
specification, through collaborations with other Federal agencies. We are
working with the Library of Congress to digitize the remaining U.S. Statutes
at Large not yet converted. We are also working with the Senate Library in
an effort to digitize their print copies of Congressional bills from the
101st and 102nd Congress.  
GPO is also planning to digitize publications in the regular publication
distribution workflow that are not online. These are publications that used
to be distributed in microfiche in the past.

Additional information about GPO's digitization efforts, including the
digitization specification to be employed, are located at GPO's Digitization
and Preservation Initiatives Web page at <>.

For more information, you may also contact the GPO Customer Contact Center
at 866-512-1800 (Toll-free), or at 202-512-1800 (DC Metropolitan Area),
Monday through Friday, 7:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m., EST.

GPO Customer Contact Center