We have received a small collection of Bureau of Mines Reports that duplicate materials in our collection.  They are listed below.  If you want any of them, please reply to me directly.  First come, first served.


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Information Circulars


9179 – Probe-Hole Drilling: High-Stress Detection in Coal


9181 – Coal Extraction, Transport, and Logistics Technology for Underground Mining


9186 – Rock Burst Research and the Coeur d’Alene District



Report of Investigations


8799 – Problems in the Control of Anthracite Mine Fires:  A Case Study of the Centralia Mine Fire (August 1980)


8852 – Evaluation of Mine Seals Constructed in 1967 at Elkins, Randolph County, WV


8875 – Estimating Horizontal Drain Design by the Finite-Element and Finite-Difference Methods


8950 – Rock Stability Analysis Using Acoustic Spectroscopy


8955 – Coal Mine Air Tempering: Effectiveness, Design, and Roof Support


8969 – Blast Vibration Measurements Near and On Structure Foundations


8981 – Fracture Zone Dewatering to Control Ground Water Inflow in Underground Coal Mines


9023 – Reclaiming Heavy Metals from Wastewater Using Magnesium Oxide


9040 – Direct Measurement of Longwall Strata Behavior: a Case Study


9044 – Evaluation of Bearing Plates Installed on Full-Column Resin-Grounded Bolts


9046 – Longwall Shearer Performance Using Water-Jet-Assisted Cutting


9049 – Fracture Geometries in Three Ore Bodies Mined by Undercut Caving as Determined From Oriented Drill Core and Scanline Mapping


9054 – Firing Delay Characteristics of Instantaneous and Seismic Detonators


9056 – Strata Interactions in Multiple-Seam Mining–Two Case Studies in Pennsylvania


9057 – Thickening Fine Coal Refuse Slurry for Rapid Dewatering and Enhanced Safety


9066 – Pillar Load Transfer Associated with Multiple-Seam Mining


9069 – Fugitive Dust Control for Haulage Roads and Tailing Basins


9070 – Fine Grinding of Coal by the Turbomilling Process


9071 – Capability Evaluation of the Radial-Axial Splitter


9075 – Arch Canopy Design Procedure for Rehabilitation of High-Roof-Fall Areas


9081 – Assessment of Longwall Roof Behavior and Support Loading by Linear Elastic Modeling of the Support Structure


9098 – Shield-Loading Studies at an Eastern Appalachian Minesite


9101 – Borehole (Slurry) Mining of Coal, Uraniferous Sandstone, Oil Sands, and Phosphate Ore


9117 – Analysis of Cutter Roof Failure Induced by Clastic Dikes in and Underground Coal Mine


9131 – Time-Dependent Behavior of Coal Meaure Rocks: Adsorption Rate and Strength Degradation


9137 – Electrokinetic Densification of Solids in a Coal Mine Sediment Pond—A Feasibility Study: 2. Design of an Operational System


9142 – Prediction of Surface Deformations Over Longwall Panels in the Northern Appalachian Coalfield


9144 – Rigid-Body and Elastic Solutions to Shield Mechanics


9173 – Loading Characteristics of Pillars in Multiple-Seam Mining Operations


9176 – Comparative Study of Pillar Loan Transfer Associated with Multiple-Seam Mining