The International Council for Scientific and Technical Information
announces a two-day conference, "Partnering in Science Information:
Necessities of Change."


The June 7-8 conference at the National Library of Medicine allows you
to network with the new players in scientific and technical information
and provides insight into the new relationships and alliances forming in
STI across the information lifecycle.  Join the key players to see what
they are planning and doing in the new digital information environment
(see the attached conference agenda for more detail).


The conference is designed for managers and knowledge workers in STI
(including scientists, publishers, librarians, digital content managers,
information architects, and infrastructure developers).  Session themes


*	New Players in the Information Life Cycle 
*	Innovative Relationships:  Who's partnering with whom?  
*	Globalization - Internationalization 
*	Moving Up the Value Chain:  Information for Decision Making 
*	"Repositories" in the New STI Infrastructure 
*	National Centers:  New Roles, Relationships, and Opportunities
for Partnership 


Conference speakers include Leigh Watson Healy, Outsell's Chief Analyst,
and Clifford Lynch, Executive Director for the Coalition for Networked
Information.  You'll also hear speakers from Google, Scope e-Knowledge
Center, the European Patent Office, Groxxis, Elsevier, and the Korean
Institute for Scientific and Technical Information.


Register by May 26 to receive a $50 registration discount for the
two-day event.  The discounted rate of $250 includes networking lunches
both days.



 You can register online at