Time: May 24, 2006; 9:30--11:30 and 1:30--3:30
Place: FLICCFEDLINK Training Room, Library of Congress Adams Bldg.,Room 216
Registration: Please contact Jim Oliver, [log in to unmask] , (202)707-4960 to register for either session. Please leave a voice mail if necessary.

Please join Luis Cabrera, RR Bowker Federal Marketing Representative,
for a review of the RR Bowker Book Analysis System.

Bowker's Book Analysis System electronically compares your collection to current recommendations in the H.W. Wilson Standard Catalogs and provides you with reports that you can use to identify gaps and duplicates within your collection.  This essential service lets you take control of your book collection and helps support ongoing selection and collection development decisions, retrospective compensation for poor budget years, accreditation activities, changes to curriculum, the creation of opening day collections and other projects which affect your library.

 Bowker's Book Analysis System overview and benefits:

*	No more manual comparisons.  Electronic matching of your holdings to the Wilson Standard Catalogs using ISBN, LCCN, Author and Title facilitates quick turnaround time and saves on resources.
*	A comprehensive tool.  Considers all formats of a book when matching your holdings to the Wilson Standard Catalogs.
*	Analytical reports.  Drill-down within the Dewey Decimal ClassificationŽ structure for quick and easy analysis of detailed subject areas.
*	Further limit the scope of your analysis using key quality factors, such as:
o	Book and movie industry award winners and nominees
o	Review Source
o	Publication Year
o	In Print status
o	E-book availability
*	All reports are customizable and downloadable and can be saved and shared with anyone who needs in-depth information about your library's monograph collection * administrators, financial officers, accreditation committees, faculty, or researchers.
*	Administrative tools let you assign access and permissions to individual users within your account, and to enable or disable specific functionality as needed.
*	Data cleansing:  Clean up and standardize the content in your catalogs:
o	Invalid ISBN File *Identifies invalid ISBNs within your collection which you can research in and add back to your catalog in their correct format.
o	IBSN-13 File * ISBN-13 conversion for all records with a valid ISBN-10 to get you ready for 2007.
o	Duplicate Record File * Identifies duplicate holdings across all formats of titles within the Wilson Catalogs that you hold.
o	No Match File *All records in your collection that did not match to the Wilson Catalogs.

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FEDLINK Vendor Services Coordinator
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