The USACE New England District Library has converted approximate 7000
documents, the in-house generated reports, maps, and generic material from
paper to a virtual library access.  Under a directive from Management to
downsize the physical collection and make the in-house Corps generated
reports available 24/7, we employed  DAPS(Defense Automated Printing
Services) to scan and provide TIFF/PDF files for our virtual library site.
This project started in   2000 and there are  still approximately 100 titles
to review for quality assurance.  The scanning process costs $210,000.  We
prepared the documents for scanning, established the  url', foldered them,
and prepared  them for records retirement. DAPS scanned and forwarded the
TIFF/PDF files to the USACE Web Farm coordinator for inclusion into our
Virtual Library. Our staff provided quality assurance on each document, page
by page, returned the document to DAPS for corrections; then provided quality
assurance again and finally loaded these corrected files  on the Virtual Web
Site.  This process is time consuming, labor intensive, and the corrections
may take up to four revisits.  We have still not corrected  the access
problem.  We were using Microsoft Access as home made  search mechanism  to
temporarily search for the holdings.  We wanted to load these on the WorldCat
with the citation in the  856 field and the url in the 500 field.  We are in
the process; however, funding has put this process on hold.  We have now
considered Content dM and again funding is slowing the process. 
One should serious review the process, as our  master copy is on CD and we
are not sure how long these images will remain.  There has been a movement to
place these files on tape.  
Our initiative is on going.  There are consistently problems in accessing the
documents, corruptions of the files, slow retrieval time. But this is better
than the alternative, which was discarding the materials, sending them out to
whomever or which library would take them. 
Timothy P. Hays 
US Army Corps of Engineers 
New England District 
696 Virginia Road 
Concord MA 01742-2751 
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If anyone has done a study of converting all or part of the library's
collection from print to digital, or has actually done so independent of a
study, please let me know.  Thanks.


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