The parts that should concern the JAC in particular haven't been changed a whole lot since the CD document. One problem with 639-4 is that it is being issued during a time when many things are changing: 639-3 is coming out, and the move toward standards as databases not least. Basically, 639-4 stipulates equal representation in the JAC (1) between the two TCs, and (2) between the three RAs.

I am not sure that I agree with Rebecca's understanding (expressed in another message) that voting will be on 639-1 and 639-2 only. Procedural mechanisms will have to be in place for the entire 639 series, and the JAC will have to manage these mechanisms. Exactly how these mechanisms are, will have to be decided.

The way I see the future development, is that the tables and their subsets will be developed continuously (managed by the JAC), while the rules and procedures will be given in one document only (what is currently 639-4), which will undergo normal ISO review and revision (which may happen as often as the committee decides).

A concrete answer to Rebecca's question: I am not sure whether TC37/SC2 chair/secretariat yet have decided whether 639-4 will be translated before DIS ballot submission. That will obviously impact on the timing. But as Project Editor I do obviously have some control of the timing. As soon as possible ... But it will be after the planned teleconference!


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I haven't had a chance to review this, but I wondered how long we have to review this before it is to be sent out for ballot. I would certainly want members of the JAC to have a chance to comment before that time. If there are controversial portions, we may want to discuss it on a teleconference.


On Thu, 18 May 2006, [iso-8859-1] H�vard  Hjulstad wrote:

> Dear JAC members,
>  I have uploaded to the ISO Livelink server the document that is 
> intended to become ISO/DIS 639-4.

>  The secretariat needs to decide whether it should be available in a 
> French version before conducting the ballot. Depending on this 
> decision, it may be a very short or a somewhat longer time before the 
> document is actually submitted for ballot. In the meantime I invite 
> JAC members to take a look at the document and send any 
> comments/corrections to me.
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