We also have hoped that the method of expressing coordinates could become more standardized in MODS; while recognizing the need to accomodate mapped legacy "statement" data from MARC, we'd like to be able to describe the n-sided polygon and to specify the format of the coordinates in an attribute.

We've also wondered whether to go with decimal or degree-minute-second. Decimal can be expressed with available keyboard characters (if the degree symbol is omitted), that may be an advantage. The format of the coordinate expression needs to incorporate hemisphere, otherwise hemisphere needs to be expressed another way in the element, perhaps as an attribute.

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Ray Denenberg, Library of Congress wrote:
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John --


"coordinates" contains a statement of coordinates covered by the
resource. One or more statements may be supplied. If one is supplied, it
is a point (i.e., a single location); if two, it is a line; if more than
two, it is a n-sided polygon where n=number of coordinates assigned. No
three points should be co-linear, and coordinates should be supplied in
polygon-traversal order.

We should correct this.

"statement of coordinates" was intended to represent a single point (i.e. a
single pair - latitude and longitude) and looking closely at it, it doesn't
(it seems that it represents a bounding box, i.e. 4-sided polygon).  So we
need to change the wording, so that:

" 'coordinates' contains a statement of coordinates covered by the
resource. One or more statements may be supplied."

should be replaced by something along these lines:

" 'coordinates' contains a pair of coordinate representing a single
geographic point.  It   is repeatable (so one or more points may be

I  take it that you want to represent a bounding polygon, arbitrary number
of sides (i.e.  not limited to a 4-sided polygon)?


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Hi all,
I was curious if anyone could provide examples of how geographic
coordinates are being represented in MODS. I am specifically interested in
representing bounding coordinates for maps. I read in the user guide that
the information contained in this element is "equivalent to MARC 21 fields
034 and 255" but wanted to know specifically if decimal degree
(34.558889, 16.253889) or degree/minute/second (34 33' 32.00", 16 15'
14.00") the preferred geographic representation?

Thanks in advance,
John Banning