NLS Operations Alert

No. 06-14

DATE  : May 8, 2006

TO    : Network Libraries
FROM  : John Bryant

Subject :      Warranty return addresses for AMI and CTB

A number of libraries have called to report that a new return address label* is
included on books received from AMI, and asking whether this means there is a new
address for warranty returns. Here is the present situation:

1.  The address for the return of warranty repairs to American Multimedia, Inc. (AMI)
remains the same:
American Multimedia, Inc.
2609 Tucker Street Extension
Burlington, NC  27215

2.  In 2006, American Multimedia, Inc. (AMI) established a new, not-for-profit company,
Carolina Talking Books (CTB), for the production of NLS books and magazines. You
may have already received containers labeled with "CTB."

3.  The warranty return address for CTB is:
Carolina Talking Books
1001 Hahn Avenue
Burlington, NC  27215

You will continue to receive books marked with AMI as the producer for some time, but
eventually you will receive books marked with CTB, and AMI will phase out.

*  If you have returned items to the 1902 Tucker Street Extension address on the labels,
they will still be accepted. In fact, AMI/CTB has assured us that all warranty returns sent
to any of the addresses will be accepted.

For more information contact:   
John Bryant
Head, Production Control Section
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