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	I'm pre-empting Antony in replying now.  See responses preceded by "JAK" in the message below.

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Some comments and questions based on the revised PCC series FAQ and the 
announcement you forwarded:

In the series FAQ it says:

"The code pcc in field 042 will no longer be used in LC original core 
cataloging (040 $a is solely DLC and Enc/lvl is 4); such records in a CIP 
state (Enc/lvl is 8) are assumed to be done at core level, the default 
cataloging level at LC.

The code pcc will continue to be used in CIP-partnered core cataloging 
(040 $a is XXX/DLC; XXX = partner's code) for those partners who choose to 
continue to provide controlled series access."

Am I understanding this correctly to mean that for publications that are 
not in any series (i.e. no 4XX at all needs to be transcribed) that even 
these records will not be coded as PCC records from LC?  I had assumed 
that it would only be the records with series that wouldn't be coded pcc 
from LC.  If all access points on a bibliographic record created by LC are 
under authority control, why isn't LC contributing these as PCC records?

JAK:  The management decision was that "pcc" wouldn't be used in any monograph core records so that catalogers would be doing the same thing in all monograph records.  (Note:  LC has never used "pcc" in its full level records.)

My other question was raised on this list earlier, but still isn't 
answered by the documentation that I've seen: in the 490 0's that LC does 
transcribe, will the ISSN ($x) also be transcribed in the field if present 
on the item?

JAK:  The ISSN is a descriptive element.  There is no change in transcribing descriptive elements:  title proper, parallel titles, other title information, statement of responsibility, ISSN, numbering.  What is changing is the tag for the 4XX field.

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