PREMIS implementors - 

The four principals in the development of PREMIS  Florida Center for
Library Automation (FLCA), Library of Congress (LC), OCLC, and Research
Libraries Group (RLG)  have established a plan for the ongoing maintenance
and development of the PREMIS Data Dictionary.  The description of the
Maintenance Activity can be viewed at  Briefly,
it designates three components of maintenance: a Managing Agency
(designated as LC) to coordinate the activity and assure that work
continues; an Editorial Committee that sets the directions and priorities
for PREMIS development and coordinates and approves all revisions; and an
Implementors' Group, an open listserv for discussion and different
perspectives.  The intent was to keep the Maintenance both broad and

It is now time to appoint the members of the 10 member Editorial Board that
is described in the web document noted above.  The Board is intended to be
composed of experts, selected to serve a wide variety of interests, and
actually engaged in some aspect of  implementation of PREMIS in their
institution.   Since the Board will be widely scattered geographically, the
meetings will be via conference call or other electronic means.  

Speaking for the four institutions that steered the development of PREMIS,
the following procedure will be followed.  To begin this activity, the
initial Board will have an expert from FCLA, LC, OCLC, and RLG, and they
will select the other initial members -- if more than 6 persons request
membership. If you would like to participate in the development of PREMIS,
please send your name and an implementation description statement to the
following email address:  [log in to unmask]  I hope that you will think
seriously about helping out with this important standard!

Sally McCallum

Sally H. McCallum, Chief, Network Development and 
MARC Standards Office, Library of Congress
Washington, DC 20540   USA
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