Adam, I think what will happen is that first OCLC will convert the IR
records from the interim bib level m format to the continuing resource/bib
level i format. They will probably want to do that as soon as possible.
Retrospective authentication of these records could begin later after
several issues have been settled- and at least in my mind, I was thinking
this would be up to the institution/cataloger if they wanted to go back
and add an LCCN and the appropriate authentication code to distribute
records they created. I don't know - and hadn't thought about - what the
possibilities are for automating the authentication of retrospective IR

Right now, we haven't settled on the authentication code that will be used
in combination with an LCCN to "trigger" the distribution of IR
records- it may be something other than "pcc" that both BIBCO and CONSER
members can use for IRs. 

The other distribution issue to work on is CDS being able to accept these
records here at LC and making sure they are distributed in a new combined
serials/IR file for subscribers of the current MDS-serials file. CDS has
indicated that July 2006 (or there about, those folks have a lot on their
plates right now) would be the earliest they could begin to look at it.


On Wed, 31 May 2006, Adam L. Schiff wrote:

> > 2) CONSER and BIBCO members won't be able to authenticate bib level i
> > records in the continuing resources format until details regarding
> > authentication codes and distribution through LC and CDS are worked out,
> > probably no sooner than fall 2006.
> We have authenticated numerous (I could probably generate a count from our 
> catalog if one is desired) records for integrating resources as BIBCO 
> records cataloged using the interim guidelines for many years now.  What 
> will happen to all of these records that are already coded 042 pcc but 
> that don't have LCCNs assigned?
> If they can be retrospectively added LCCNs, couldn't the same be done for 
> integrating resources cataloged with BLvl i and coded pcc in 042?
> Adam
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