The following announcement is in regard to content guidelines written 
for an EAD repository under development at the OhioLINK 
consortium.  A few comments about the guidelines:

         The document was written for new practitioners of EAD, who 
are not yet familiar with the concepts involved, or with the 
technical aspects.  Our aim was not to reproduce the official EAD Tag 
Library, but to provide some content-specific definitions for 
users.  Selected EAD elements are defined, primarily those that 
encoders will encounter as they are asked to input content into a Web 
template.  For this reason, a number of elements have been left out; 
however, links to the EAD Tag Library are provided for users who are 
interested in learning more.

         The first 13 pages in the Content Guidelines PDF are an 
introduction to EAD.  Pages 15-91 are the Element Pages, which are 
also available in HTML. Both the PDF and HTML are linked to from the 
main site,

We are very interested in hearing comments from the larger EAD 
community.  Contact information is provided below.

With thanks,

OhioLINK is creating and hosting a statewide repository of archival 
finding aids to increase access to and showcase the rich collections 
housed in Ohio archival repositories. In December 2004, the OhioLINK 
Database Management and Standards Committee (DMSC) appointed an 
Encoded Archival Description (EAD) Task Force to develop standards 
and guidelines for the creation and use of electronic finding aids 
within the OhioLINK repository.  During its first year, the Task 
Force created Content Guidelines defining the range of requirements, 
from "minimally encoded" to "fully encoded," needed to contribute a 
finding aid to the EAD repository. The content guidelines and tools 
will encourage consistency across Ohio EAD finding aids.

This message is to inform you that the draft of the OhioLINK EAD 
Content Guidelines is now available for viewing online.  As the EAD 
Task Force continues to develop specifications for the online 
repository, we would appreciate comments from the Ohio archival 
community on the Content Guidelines.

Please send comments, questions, and suggestions to our blog, from 
the link provided on the Content Guidelines page:

OhioLINK EAD Task Force Members:
Amy McCrory, Ohio State University, Co-Chair
Amanda Wilson, Ohio State University, Co-Chair
Linda Cantara, Case Western Reserve University
Dianna Ford, University of Akron
Cara Gilgenbach, Kent State University
Toni Jeske, Wright State University
Anne Gilliland, OhioLINK Staff Liason

Task Force Advisors:
Nan Card, Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center
Cynthia Ghering, Ohio Historical Society
Barbara Strauss, Cleveland State University

Questions? Comments?
Please contact the EAD Task Force Co-Chairs for more information.

Amy McCrory: [log in to unmask] or (614) 292-8647
Amanda Wilson: [log in to unmask] or (614) 292-6314

Amy McCrory
Digital Imaging Specialist, Preservation Department
228 Thompson Library, 1858 Neil Avenue
The Ohio State University Libraries
Columbus, OH 43210
(614) 292-8647