the Manuscripts and Archives unit at Yale has been using the formatting objects processor (FOP, http://xmlgraphics.apache.org/fop/) to produce PDF for a number of years. A very localised stylesheet converts EAD 1 to XSL-FO ( 1.0) which is then run through FOP. FOP is only of many available FO-processors, and the only one I know that is free, and has a reasonable enough implementation of the FO standard that it is certainly usable since version 0.20.4 to produce PDF or rich text format, RTF for editing in a word processor. Producing barcodes, folder/box labels and such is also not _too_ tricky once you understand the FO standard, but that's quite another story.

The biggest gripe with FO 1.0 is that it is impossible (someone prove me wrong, please!) to create 'running headers' at page breaks; viz. if a c05 falls at the head of a new page, list the parent C0xs unittitles to give a sense of where one is in the hierarchy. I have been told that this is possible in FO 1.1 (a candidate recommendation as of February this year). As far as I know The FO processor (XSL Formatter, version 4 ) from Antenna House is the only processor that supports 1.1.

Our EAD 1 to FO 1 stylesheet, as I said, is very tuned to our specific tag usage, and so may not work well for others. That said, over the coming months Yale will overhauling its EAD implementation and, lawyers permitting, we would like to make available our stylesheets and other code through the EAD Help Pages (On which, expect an updated site in the very near future).

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On 6/29/06, Michele Rothenberger <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
Hello all --

Wondering whether anyone would care to share their method of getting
hard copy from EAD.  A style sheet within your EAD authoring software
that formats for printing?  An XSLT style sheet that produces HTML
formatted to print nicely?  or perhaps outputs PDF?  or Word?  Something
daringly new and different that no one else has thought of?  (BTW,
thanks to Susan Hamburger at Penn State for explaining her NoteTab Pro
approach to me a couple of weeks ago!)

Any and all information is welcome.  Thanks in advance --


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