If the text document is consistently formatted I've had good luck with
(a) a series of search/replace operations in Word or (b) using Word s/r
to insert tabs and then bringing it into Excel where I finish adding the
tags column by column.  Or (c) a combination thereof.


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Dear colleagues,


My institutions is beginning its first foray into marking up our
aids into EAD. We're all reasonably EAD-literate, and marking up the
frontmatter should not (I say now...) be a problem.


I was wondering, however, how other institutions handle the mark-up of
their box and folder lists. Cutting and pasting text from our finding
aids into Oxygen, which is what we are using for mark-up, just isn't
going to cut it when we have collections with thousands of
entries. Has anyone had any luck with using macros, or any other
to avoid having to mark up a box list "by hand"? We can't all be
spending hours cut-and-pasting, can we?





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