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Hi Diane,
we use NoteTab Pro also.  It is the only application that we have ever used since I first jumped on the EAD wagon.  Word Perfect may not have the best amount of flexibility from what it looks like from everyone else.
best wishes!
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Sent: Friday, June 23, 2006 11:20 AM
Subject: Re: XMEtal vs. Word Perfect

We use NoteTab Pro for our EAD work at Brown University, and it includes a find/replace feature, plus the "undo/redo" arrows, definitely worth the $20 for "NoteTab Pro" versus the free NoteTab in my opinion.

-- Sarah

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Nichele Scalessa wrote:


I prefer to use a freeware program called NoteTab light, although

NoteTab Pro is worth the small fee to upgrade. www.notetab.com . I was

introduced to it when I attended Daniel Pitti's EAD Publishing class at

Rare Book School. The only feature I miss compared to X-Metal is the

search and replace function, therefore I keep an old copy of X-Metal 3.0

on hand.


Nicole Scalessa

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Diane Worrell wrote:


> Good morning,


> A colleague and I are working on implementing EAD, which we are

> finding quite a challenge.  I would be interested in hearing opinions

> as to the advantages and disadvantages of using XMetal 4.6 vs. Word

> Perfect 12 software for encoding.


> Thanks,

> Diane



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